General: Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac and is influenced by the planet Mars. Scorpio tends to be tall, highly muscular, have commanding appearance and an excellent personality. The dominating Mars makes Scorpio very independent, responsible, bold, courageous, dignified, assertive and energetic. As Scorpio is a watery sign it has a creative mind and sharp memory.

They might not know their ability, but in large groups a Scorpio will easily outsmart others. They possess strong will power and are highly motivated people. They will not rest in peace till they complete jobs in hand. Scorpio tends to have an active mind that is always searching for new ideas. They are an explorer of new intelligent horizons. They have great stamina, and never shy away from a challenge. They are always willing to take risk facing the unknown. The strong Mars also as its adverse effect, as it makes Scorpios highly short-tempered. They will get irritated very easily and tend to behave rash and highly unpredictable at times. Generally Scorpio is lucky when it comes to finances.

They can expect gains in the most unexpected front. Speculation will invariably bring them profits. Scorpio has keen natural instinct; there first impression about others is usually correct. Scorpios have great magnetism. They are easily attracted towards the opposite sex. As a lover, Scorpio tends to be highly passionate and intense. They like to provide their partners with all possible comforts and keep the relationship cheerful and in good spirits, but they do get moody and erratic, which could mar a healthy relationship.

The Scorpion is passionate about everything that they do, be it work, play or politics. A peculiar intensity permeates their whole personality, giving them an extremely strong sense of purpose in life, and a determination to do nothing half-heartedly.

They could be very jealous, not only in love but in other spheres of life also. Whoever holds a position to which the Scorpio feels entitled will be disliked, and then they can even resort to some kind of victimization or even cruelty. Their enormous powerful energy gives them a deep insight into every thing that people cannot understand them easily. If this energy is properly utilized, it can give the Scorpio great qualities of endurance. They will battle against all odds to win - sometimes to the point of trampling on others in the process.

When they realize that things have become dull, a Scorpio may not find it difficult to charter a new course. They may, for reasons obscure to others, destroy what they had built and start all over again.

Scorpions have great personal magnetism. There is always something exciting, dynamic and fascinating about them. An element of mystery surrounds them. In the company of a Scorpio, others may feel the tremors of a volcano all set to erupt at any moment. If the ruling planet Mars is carrying evil aspects or afflicted badly or badly placed in ones nativity chart the effects would reflect the negative vibrations.

Business and Career
Romance and Marriage
Lucky / Unlucky

Health: Scorpio influences the reproductive organs, therefore Scorpio's generally suffer from problems that affect gall bladder, womb, ovaries or other private parts. Scorpios are also highly active and energetic and are prone to problems related to stress and tensions. They should monitor their blood pressure or diabetes regularly. Skin irritations or eye problems could also be the cause of some concern at times.

Business and Career: With a strong inner strength and confidence, they have an ability to handle situations very well at the time of crisis. They believe in strong relationships that they would like to carry along for years to come. Some of there best friends are people they meet during their career. Money and fame mean a lot to them and they earn this to feel secure and have a comfortable living. They know how to make good money and to save it, but losses due to hasty decisions cannot be ruled out. Some of the best surgeons, scientists and soldiers are born in this sign. They can deal in construction, mining, insurance, medicine, tea, coffee, defense, copper, iron & steel business or related industries. Generally the early part of their life is marked with struggle and then a significant rise is seen.

Finance: Scorpio's generally enjoy good financial and monetary status. They might face some delays and difficulties in the early years but eventually success is definitely there. To achieve success they carry out strategies in the most systematic manner and come out with original ideas and plans. Scorpio's are extremely lucky in matters pertaining to finance. Calculated speculation always brings them good results.

Romance and Marriage: Scorpio's are people with difficult moods; therefore unless you develop good understanding with them you should not reach to any conclusion. It would be prudent to nurture the relationship first and give enough time to build understanding to think of permanent ties. A Scorpio person generally tries to give all comforts/love/affection to the partner, and expects the same in return. They go extremely well with people born in their own sign and share excellent relationship with Cancerians & Pisceans. But they have to be careful with Arians, Geminians and Aquarians.

Lucky / Unlucky

Ruling Planet



The Scorpion




Red, Violet

Lucky Stones

Red Coral, Bloodstone and Yellow Sapphire

Unlucky Stones


Lucky Numbers

1, 4, 2 & 7
Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays

Lucky Days

Sundays, Mondays and Tuesday

Business Partner


Lucky Alphabet

D, C, H, and M

Best Profession

Surgeons, Chemists, Soldiers, Barbers, Butchers, Construction, Insurance and import export.

Best Boss


Eventful Years

1, 10, 19, 28 and so on and 4, 13, 22, 31 and so on, 2, 11, 20, 29 and so on, and 7, 16, 25, and so on.
(Add nine to get further eventful years.)

Body Parts

Sexual Organs

Good Point

Determination, Strong will power, Courage, Enthusiasm, Confidence, Loyalty and Concentration.

Bad Points

Secretive, Possessive, Jealous, Violent, Cunning, Ruthless and Suspicious.

Soul Mates

Cancer, Pisces

Just Say No

Aries, Gemini & Aquarius
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