General: Influenced by Jupiter and Neptune, Pisces is the twelfth sign of the Zodiac and is very receptive to external influence. This is also the fourth and last sign of water triplicity. People born in this sign usually have a very attractive physique. Generally they are not very tall and have a plump body, short hands and stout feet. They are ambitious, sensitive, and sincere and speak only after they are sure about their subject. But at times, they are extremely unworldly and impractical, and always eager to escape from reality.

They possess great compassion for others and have the ability to relieve people from their sufferings by helping them practically. They are fond of poetry, music, dance and worldly pleasures. They are prone to get easily attracted by people around them. They show little or no resistance even to those whom they know are bad and have a harmful influence. They are very loyal to their friends, provided they are given the kind of respect that they want. They handle all positions with responsibility and impress people around them with their dedication and commitment. They are fond of travel and would like to see nature in its true form. If circumstances do not permit them to travel so extensively, they make it a point to read or live as close to nature as they can.

Pisceans love to spend time on research to explore new and innovative developments. They do not attach great value to money and would rather spend on others to fulfill their needs than to increase their level of comfort and luxuries. If their stars were not afflicted, they would enjoy good professional status and accumulate good wealth. Health and family fronts would definitely require attention and careful handling.

Business and Career
Romance and Marriage
Lucky / Unlucky

Health : : They are most likely to suffer on the psychological front rather than anything else. Mental stress and tension are likely to show on their health. They are prone to suffer from gastric problems, problems relating to ankles or feet, respiratory system, joint pains or headaches or arthritis. Attention to their diet, yoga and exercise will help them to mitigate the evil effects of the planets.

Business and Career: They would excel in the fields of education, arts, financing, modeling, preaching, astrology, chemist, journalism, real estate and counseling. They can also become good administrators. Philosophy is another area where Pisceans excel. If the sign is free from afflictions or Jupiter is not hemmed between evil effects, they can have appreciable success in life. They will attain a good position in their career.

Finance: They are very lucky in financial matters. They would almost achieve everything they want. If the planet is afflicted then results won't be satisfactory and may lead them to adopt wrong means to make money. If planets were well placed, they would be able to save a handsome amount for themselves. They would enjoy all the comforts of the life. Their life gets a quantum push after the age of twenty-five years.

Romance and Marriage: They are artistic and a worshipper of beauty. They are highly romantic by nature. However, they are not very stable in the affairs of heart. They may have to face emotional jolts in their lives. They are also secretive by nature. The spouse remains cooperative despite the impatient nature and erratic behaviour of a Piscean. They are highly affectionate and enjoy the company of Scorpio and Cancer, as they are their real soul mates. They also share a good rapport with Taurus and Capricorn. It would be better if they stay away from people born in the signs of Leo and Libra.

Lucky / Unlucky

Ruling Planet

Jupiter & Neptune






Sea green, Aqua

Lucky Stones

Yellow Sapphire, Red Coral

Unlucky Stones

Ruby and Blue Sapphire

Lucky Numbers

3 & 7

Lucky Days

Thursday, Tuesday and Sundays

Business Partner


Lucky Alphabet

H, N, Y, D, Ch

Best Profession

Medical related fields, Water related jobs, Teaching, Priests, Consultancy jobs, Media related fields, Sailors, Defense, Politics, Fishery, and Shipping.

Best Boss


Eventful Years

3, 12, 21, 30, 39, 7, 16, 25, 34 & 43, etc.
(Add nine to get further eventful years.)

Body Parts


Good Point

Sensitive, strongly intuitive, refined, sacrificing and accommodating.

Bad Points

Escapist, Overemotional, hypersensitive and lack of self-control.

Soul Mates

Cancer, Scorpio

Just Say No

Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Libra & Sagittarius
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