General: Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac. It is influenced by the planet Saturn. People born in this sign generally are slender, tall, with long nose and coarse hair. Their face and eyes are quite captivating and impressive. They love to be appreciated all the times. They are practical, sensible, prudent, ambitious, energetic and optimistic. They are capable of handling complicated and risky jobs with complete determination, provided they are certain about the results. They have an analytical, sharp, broad, philosophical but a suspicious mind. They are reserved but friendly and sincere by nature and enjoy enormous respect in their circle.

Capricorn men and women are shrewd and possess remarkable business sense. They are likely to achieve success with their own efforts and dedication. They are quite sincere and dedicated to their job. They are careless about their health. They may suffer because of their carelessness towards the health and family affairs.

They are highly calculative and business like. A Capricorn wife will always stand behind her husband and help him rise high in the social and financial ladder. Capricorn born have great sense of humor, they can liven up a party with their witty talks. Basically they are people of few words, but their brief statements can be very funny.

Capricorn born is friendly, trustworthy and reliable. They do have some close friends, but at heart they usually feel lonely. Broadly speaking, a Capricorn born is a self-contained and a satisfied person. As most of their energy is geared towards their career and prestige, they may tend to miss some of the finer aspects of life, but only in extreme cases.

They are self-dependent and earn handsome wealth, though after a lot of struggle. If the planet Saturn is well placed or the sign is free from afflictions then Capricornians enjoy authority, command, respect and rewarding positions.
If the sign or the planet Saturn were afflicted in the birth chart, the results would be opposite to the above-mentioned qualities. They tend to be pessimistic, suspicious, resentful, stubborn and self centered. Gloominess, loneliness, desperation, disappointments and feeling of insecurity and depressions also mark their personality and these things could cause sleeplessness, digestive disorders, blood pressure, diabetes and melancholy at times.

Business and Career
Romance and Marriage
Lucky / Unlucky

Health: They have a good constitution and a good stamina. They should think positive to maintain good health. Keep control on their diet and practice yoga and meditation for physical and mental gains. Regular change in their surrounding is a must for them to think and act positively. They have a great admiration for mountains and the countryside, but because of their determination to achieve great recognition, they prefer the city life. They will have regular problems with body pains and swellings. During their older years, they may face problems relating to stomach and respiratory system. They should regularly get their blood pressure and diabetes checked. With a relaxed mind and concentration, they will not only be able to keep themselves physically fit, but also achieve success in their life.

Business and Career: They are practical, sensible and a prudent people. They are highly business oriented. The fields where they can excel are: Agriculture, farming, building contractors, liaison, gas agency, petrol pumps, transport, industrial units, mechanics, engineer or surgeons or dentists. They know how to handle their job and would not like any kind of interference.

Finance: The early part of their life may see them struggle for finance. Their hard work and determination will see them pass through this phase. Because of their hard work and dedication they will make a fortune. Speculation in real estate and shares will bring good profits, but they should not indulge in extravagance. Industry and trading will bring fortune to them and they will do well in dealing with coal, iron and steel, dairy, construction and farming. Avoid lending money to others, as recovery would be difficult and would require lot of tact.

Romance and Marriage: Taurus and Virgo understand Capricorns better. They can also have nuptial ties with Scorpios and Pisceans. But they should say a firm no to people born in the signs of Gemini and Leo. If they come out of their complexes, they can be a wonderful lover. Their businesslike approach towards life would always bring dissatisfying results. They definitely need to give importance to their family and health to lead a happy married life.

Lucky / Unlucky

Ruling Planet



The Goat




Black, Indigo

Lucky Stones

Black Onyx, Emerald

Unlucky Stones

Yellow Sapphire and Ruby

Lucky Numbers

6, 9 and 8

Lucky Days

Fridays, Tuesdays and Saturday

Business Partner


Lucky Alphabet

E, I, O, B, P, S

Best Profession

Lawyers, Teachers, Engineers, Writers, Contractors, Ammunition related business, Consultancy Services.

Best Boss


Eventful Years

6, 15, 24, 33, 42 and so on and 9, 18, 27 and so on (Add nine to get further eventful years.)

Body Parts


Good Point

Practical, Responsible, Visionary, Ambitious, Highly laborious, Logical and relentless.

Bad Points

Suspicious, Pessimistic, Resentful, Stubborn and Selfish.

Soul Mates

Taurus, Virgo

Just Say No

Gemini & Leo
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