General: This is the seventh sign of the Zodiac, which is governed by the planet Venus. People born in this sign are generally tall, athletic and strong. They possess charming personality, sweet smile and attractive eyes. Venus the ruler makes Libran highly reserved, docile, sensitive and possessive. Being an airy sign a Libran will tend to be highly imaginative, pleasant, courteous, creative and elegant individual. They are cool-headed people who do not get into hot discussions easily. Incase they get angry there anger is short-lived and they get calm very soon. They are fashionable and trendy people, who like to spend lavishly on new clothes, jewelry and perfumes.

The outstanding characteristics of Librans are their willingness to help those in need. They voluntarily provide financial, moral and psychological support to the ones they care. They are also very social and like to spend time and resources with loved ones. Venus also makes Librans highly creative. They will try traditional methods first but if desired results fail, they will try new methods to achieve success. As Librans are simple, noble and benevolent people they tend to be fooled very easily. They need to choose their associates very carefully. Librans enjoy excellent convincing power. They are good at expressing themselves about all aspects of life, and people around them must generously endorse their statements.

A favorite complaint of a Libran is: 'It's not fair that he should treat me like that after all I've done so much for him!' Of course, the other person may simply be incapable of expressing his gratitude in the manner in which the Libran would like, but the Libran would find that hard to accept. A permanent emotional relationship has to be on a reciprocal basis. It has to be a give and take relationship if the Libran has to be kept happy.

A Libran avoids quarrels and confrontations. Indecisiveness marks their personality and is their worst fault. 'One must wait and see what happens' they say and they will wait, putting off decisions for as long as possible. They have a reputation for being lazy. Often Librans are not as soft as they appear to be. They are fairly eager to achieve what they want, but they may appear lazy due to indecisiveness. They may adopt a pose of charming inactivity. This may be simply a pause between one activity and the next or may be a well thought out decision.
The Libran may be indecisive, but when they do decide that they want something, they generally get it, somehow or the other. They make excellent host. Their homes are comfortable and guests find the atmosphere relaxing.
Although Librans enjoy good financial position, they tend to be highly spendthrifts. Librans are good companions as they are sincere, honest and highly caring.
If the ruling planet Venus is afflicted in any manner in ones birth chart then it would give altogether negative results.

Business and Career
Romance and Marriage
Lucky / Unlucky

Health: Libran's enjoy a good physical structure, but definitely need to take precautions and care. They need to stay away from thoughtless actions that could bring stress and tensions. They have a tendency to work under extreme conditions, which along with poor dietary habit could also make them feel weak and tired at times. They are likely to suffer from problems relating to kidneys, spine or sexual organs. Librans should know that prevention is better than cure. They should avoid self-medication and always seek professional advice whenever necessary on matters relating to health.

Business and Career: Good opportunity always will knock at their door. They should be alert and grab them before others. They will do well in business and have excellent advisory skills. Librans are very creative by nature and they make excellent painters, musicians and writers. They can be highly successful in the marketing or trading fields as they have a remarkable convincing power. People born under this sign are found good salesmen, marketing managers or receptionists. They will also do well in law, medicine, engineering and transport. They have a keen interest in creative work like playing music and painting. The power of persuasion is quite good and they therefore do well in dealing with public. They should be very careful in striking up business partnerships.

Finance: Generally, Librans gain through the goodwill and generosity of people. Therefore they need to have a strict control over their emotions, as small issues could make opportunities slip out of their hands. They are highly liberal in their spending as they like to live a life of comfort and luxuries, but they need to take care as they may lose finances easily due to impulsive purchases or rash investments. Librans rarely like to make any financial budget. They are generous by nature; hence they will spend money for welfare of others.

Romance and Marriage: Librans believe in long lasting relationships, therefore they are always committed to their partners. An expert in love, they know what attracts the person of the opposite sex. Their sense of dress, fashion and above all their personality is simply remarkable. Librans marry early in life. Their nature to live an extravagant life might not go well with their partner. Libran girls are adjusting, cheerful and wise, while Libran men are passionate, intelligent and accommodating. Librans click extremely well with Gemini and Aquarius, but have problems with Pisces, Capricorn, Cancer and Taurus.

Lucky / Unlucky

Ruling Planet



The Scales




Blue, Jade Green

Lucky Stones

Sapphire, Diamond, Emerald & Turquoise

Unlucky Stones

Yellow sapphire

Lucky Numbers

5, 6 & 9

Lucky Days

Sundays, Mondays and Tuesday

Business Partner


Lucky Alphabet

G, S, K, and Chh

Best Profession

Chemists, Painters, Salesmen, Writers, Engineers, Transportation, and Receptionist.

Best Boss


Eventful Years

5, 14, 23 and so on, and 6, 15, 24 and so on.
(Add nine to get further eventful years.)

Body Parts

Kidneys, Loins an spines

Good Point

Diplomacy, Social Grace, Charm, Just and Tact.

Bad Points

Materialistic, Indecisive, Fickle-minded, Insincere, Easy going and Selfish.

Soul Mates

Gemini, Aquarius

Just Say No

Aries, Taurus, Cancer and Pisces
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