Reiki Mind Power

Reiki, is a term used to describe a Japanese art of healing, made out of two root words Rei and Ki that together mean Universal Life Energy or spiritually guided life energy .Its an easy cost effective technique that helps reduce day to day stress and helps restore the body’s natural balance, using life force energy flowing from the universe into the healer and through him/her to the recipient of Reiki. However many amongst us make the mistake of interpreting Reiki as spiritual healing.


Reiki is an age-old Japanese technique of healing, developing immense mind power, and attaining high levels of consciousness. Through using the universal life energy of an individual, Reiki promotes proper and impeccable balance within our whole system – body, mind, and soul. Through this world-famous technique cleansing of the Aura and Chakras [the energy centers in the body] is quite possible, and diversion of energy in the right or desired direction is also feasible.


Moreover, Reiki also gives information about the ways of dispelling the negative energy out of the body, and infusing positive energy into the body. Thus, Reiki is certainly a great and highly elegant means for relieving people of their diverse bodily and mental stresses and troubles, healing their health and vitality, and making them more intelligent, happy, and long-living.


For a long time, this healing technique has been supporting in generating and gaining miraculous power to heal one and others, provided this is practiced sincerely, properly. Hence, Reiki is undoubtedly a highly suitable and preferable means in today’s hectic and intense world, for relaxing and relieving people of their various types of troubles, agonies, and ailments, such as depression, mental and physical stresses of diverse nature, excessive and harmful aggression, a variety of psychological problems, low self-esteem, health hazards, fears, anxieties, shocks and traumas, etc.


Some of the most common and outstanding benefits obtainable from practicing Reiki are the following:

  • It relaxes and reduces stresses
  • Balances energies in the body
  • Relieves pains and discomfort
  • Heals physical, mental, and emotional problems
  • Cleanses the body, energy channels, and Chakras [energy centers in the body
  • Promotes natural self-healing
  • Promotes spiritual refinement and growth
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Increases vitality and delays the ageing process
  • Helps in overcoming negative thoughts and feelings such as fear, anxieties, hatred, jealousy, shocks, etc., and promotes positive thinking