Home Peace

Sweet home is dedicated to a home with complete peace and happiness with healthy relations where in Hindi it known by” Graha Shanti “. But how in this fast moving world where everyone wants privatization and glamorous life? Astrology is the gateway to home peace where we suggest you how best you can bring complete peace to your home. A place where you plan to spend your rest of your life happily and with complete comfort but how?


When we think of home, we think of that place in which to put our roots. We lay the foundation, and we firmly believe we plant on Earth. One day, we will return to the Earth itself. The Fourth House brings things to the starting point also turning to old age, and eventually to our final resting place. Much emphasis is focused on how to bring complete happiness and love to the same home. Today, major section of the society believes in astrological and horoscope predictions for bringing wealth, peace, prosperity and health to the home.


  • If you are looking to solve your family problem?
  • Are your sick of joint family issues?
  • Are you getting sick of hatred love marriage life?
  • Are your home full of family disturbances?
  • Are your relations become untrusty and loose?


Graha Shanti Pooja Yagya
The Graha Shanti Yagya Havan is the combined Yagya’s for all the nine planets and is being divided into nine parts. The Navgraha Shanti Yagya Havan is considered to be very beneficial and useful yagya, because the Yagya strengthens the beneficial planets and increases the positive influence and minimizes the negative influence of the bad planets by neutralizing their effect. The Yagya being done for the Graha Shanti is being recommended to everyone and particularly for those whose planets have malefic effect on the horoscope. The Graha Shanti yagya is recommended to perform every year to ensure that the maximum advantage is being achieved from the planets. It is recommended that everyone should keep their planets please in order to attain all the prosperity of the life. The Yagya being performed for nine planets should be performed with full faith to ward off all the evils of planetary configuration. The nine planets in the individual horoscope control the karma, desires and all the outcomes. All the nine planets exerts an influence in our lives and is called ‘Dasa’ and can be known from one’s horoscope. The Graha Shanti Homam is undertaken to reduce all the negative effects and to boost up all the positive energies in one’s horoscope.


How to do Graha Shanti Pooja
The Yagya is being performed by the pandit for the Graha Shanti Pooja in order to bring peace and prosperity in the life of an individual. The Graha’s of the individual is being pleased so that no problems occur in the life of an individual. The yagya needs to be performed every year so that no problem occurs. The yagyasamigri should be proper to do the Havan. The nine planets mantra should be recited to get benefits.


Importance of Graha Shanti Pooja Yagya
The main importance of Graha Shanti Pooja Yagya lies in the pleasing of all the nine planets in order to live the life with full of happiness and prosperity. All the negative effects from the life of an individual are being removed and the positive energy is being boosted up so that no evil energy can harm the individual.


Benefits of Graha Shanti Pooja Yagya
All the evil effects are being removed from the life of an individual and the wealth and health is being maintained throughout the life. No evil planet can harm the individual by its malefic effect and the prosperity is being maintained.


Mantra for Graha Shanti Pooja Yagya
Om dhumravarnaya Vidmahe kapotavahanaya dheemahi, tannahketuhprachodayaat